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Covid-19 Cleaning and Disinfection Project Management


Let us help you ensure the cleaning and disinfection processes in your business are carried out correctly, whether you use your in-house cleaning services or contract it out.  We offer cleaning and disinfection project oversight and third-party QA/QC services.  With a background in healthcare and industrial hygiene, our company is well positioned to help your business get ready for occupancy again, as well as maintain a hygienic place of business.  Contact us today to discuss this unique service and get your business cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized the CORRECT way!


Do you want to provide quality, effective, and CDC-compliant cleaning and disinfection services to your clients?  Let us help your business provide top-notch cleaning and disinfection services to your customers.  Set your company apart from your competitors by having a third-party resource to consult on your projects who is knowledgeable in microbiology, healthcare, and medically trained in proper cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization procedures.  Let’s discuss how we can improve your cleaning and disinfection operations to help your company achieve high customer satisfaction and potential increase in client acquisition!


  • Formulate a cleaning and disinfection work plan
  • Train cleaning crews on safety precautions, proper PPE, and chemical hazard communication
  • Observe how the areas are being cleaned and ensure they are cleaned effectively per CDC guidelines, and make sure all areas are addressed including but not limited to contents, surfaces, and frequently touched areas
  • Test random surfaces for cleanliness efficacy
  • Document all work performed and maintain a record of all chemicals used to clean
  • Provide report outlining all work performed, methodology, cleanliness efficacy test results, and any applicable future recommendations to maintain a hygienic workplace
  • We can tailor our services to fit each client’s unique business needs