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Helpful Tips To Prevent Work-Related Injury After Being Away from Your Job

Unfortunately, most people lost their jobs due to the unprecedented closures of most business operations due to the corona virus infectious disease-2019 (COVID-19). While some who lost their jobs continued to be physically active or acquired new physical hobbies, there are those who continued to lead sedentary lives due to many personal reasons.

Now that stay-at-home orders have been lifted and businesses are allowed to resume their operations, many people will be returning to work.  It is time to start thinking about how to remain safe at work while performing your job and prevent work-related injuries.  It is important to remember that the muscles you normally used before to do your job will need to get slowly reconditioned to avoid or prevent any musculoskeletal injuries.

Here are some tips to help you minimize your risk from getting injured during the early days of doing your job functions:

  • Properly stretch the muscle groups you will be using for a particular job
  • Maintain proper hydration
  • Know and maintain proper lifting techniques
  • Make sure your workstation is properly set up to ensure you maintain proper posture and body alignment when you’re sitting and doing computer work for prolonged periods of time.  It is important to take breaks so that you’re not in a static posture for prolonged periods of time
  • To prevent heat-related illness for outdoor workers, know the signs and symptoms of dehydration and follow OSHA’s recommendations: water, rest, and shade
  • If you will be required to wear a mask the entire time while doing your job and  depending on your job function, the physical demand of your job may require you to breathe harder and faster. Having a mask on may interfere with proper exhalation and inhalation so know your limits and how your body is adapting to these changes.  If you feel dizzy, take a break and if possible and if it is safe to do so, take off your mask until you are able to maintain a normal breathing pattern again and you no longer feel dizzy or short of breath.  If difficulty with breathing continues, call for emergency help right away
  • Know or re-acquaint yourself with your company’s policy for reporting work-related injury
  • Recognize job stress and know how to manage it

If despite your diligence in working safely you are injured at work, notify your immediate supervisor right away or follow your company’s policy on what to do when injured on the job. It is never a good idea to have a “wait and see approach” when it comes to work-related injury no matter how minor you think it is.  Prior to seeking medical treatment for work-related injuries, always let your employer know first.  If you’re injured on the job, your company’s Workers’ Compensation insurance will be responsible for any medical treatments you receive for the injury.  You will be responsible for any medical treatments you receive for any work-related injuries until you file a Workers’ Compensation claim.  Remember, your employer wants you to be safe and injury-free at work, so it is important to do your part in following your employer’s safety culture.