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Who We Are

Raquel Q. Nethercote, BSN-RN, CIH, COHN

Raquel is a Certified Industrial Hygienist and a Registered Nurse.  She has experience in conducting numerous mold investigations, remediation project management, indoor air quality assessments, exposure assessments, workplace air monitoring and other industrial hygiene related assignments.  Her nursing experience includes clinical nursing specializing in medical, surgical, neurology, oncology, and surgical oncology.  She is also experienced in occupational health nursing with knowledge of Worker’s Compensation, OSHA Recordable events, Work-Injury Relatedness, and OSHA First Aid Treatments.  With her unique combination of both environmental health and nursing, she is well positioned to address workplace health and safety.  When not busy nurturing her business, Ms. Nethercote enjoys running, tennis and spending time with her family.





Vince McLeod, CIH
Senior Industrial Hygienist

Vince is a seasoned industrial hygienist. He has more than 38 years of experience in industrial hygiene and environmental engineering services and served 28 years as program manager for environmental assessment, clean-up and remediation activities for the University of Florida. His specialties include Exposure Assessments, Hazard Evaluations, and Hazard Control through development and implementation of comprehensive industrial hygiene programs. He currently performs investigations for commercial and industrial facilities as well as residential properties for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Contaminate Exposures, Respiratory Protection, Confined Space Entry, and Hearing Conservation, among others.

Vince’s project experience includes comprehensive industrial hygiene assessments for major power generation, manufacturing, production and distribution facilities. He has worked for both federal and state agencies as well as private industries. He is a contributing columnist and webinar presenter for professional trade publications. In his spare time, Mr. McLeod enjoys family, bicycling, fitness, yoga, fishing and indulging in good food.


Abeeda Ramlochan, RN

Abeeda has combined experience in clinical nursing, home health, and case management.  As a bedside nurse in a busy medical-surgical unit, she has first-hand knowledge of the need for patients to have their own Care Advocate while being hospitalized, something that she wishes she could have devoted more time to as their nurse, but time just did not allow for it.  She is now happy and privileged to be able to provide this service for patients as a Care Advocate.  Abeeda is a compassionate and caring nurse who ensures that patients’ well-being is placed at an utmost importance.  In addition to being a Care Advocate, Abeeda also serves as a Case Manager for Work-Related Injury cases.

In her spare time, Ms. Ramlochan loves spending time with her husband and three children.


Jennifer Aydelotte, RN

Jennifer is experienced in both clinical bedside nursing and surgical procedures.  She has a passion for putting her patients first. Having dealt with high nurse to patient ratios on a busy medical floor, Jennifer knows how uncertainties, and not knowing what the plan of care for the day is can add to a patient’s anxiety and result in an unpleasant hospital experience.  She has always had the mentality of putting patients first and that is what makes her best suited to be a Care Advocate for you!  With her years of nursing experience, Jennifer understands the many challenges a patient faces during hospitalization, and she is well-equipped to help you navigate through them.

In her spare time, Ms. Aydelotte enjoys exercising and spending time with her husband and two sons.




Linda Harrington, RN

Linda has over 30 years of experience in nursing in a variety of clinical settings, such as medical, surgical, neurology, behavioral, detox, and mental health.  She also served as a senior advocate.  Linda is an exemplary of a caring and compassionate nurse.  Her love for the profession is projected through how she cares for her patients.  This is what makes her a perfect Care Advocate.  With her nursing expertise, your hospitalization experience will be pleasant!

In her spare time, Ms. Harrington loves spending time with her dogs and going to Disney with her partner.


Melissa Rompola, LPN

Melissa’s experience includes home health care, women’s health, and as a clinical research coordinator.  She loves being a nurse and she delivers it with compassion.  She understands how hectic it gets in the hospital and not every patient will understand his or her treatments nor receive the best care possible.  She wants to use her nursing experience and her passion for providing excellent patient care to be the best Care Advocate for you!  Melissa serves in the marketing and business development aspect of the business.

In her spare time, Ms. Rompola enjoys working out and spending time with her fiancée.


Liisa Pulsifer, RN

Liisa is a seasoned nurse and has witnessed numerous occasions where patients could have benefited from having a Care Advocate.  Her hospital nursing experience includes telemetry step-down, medical-surgical, pre-op, PACU, and surgery.  She also served as a pediatric clinical coordinator.  Liisa understands the importance of having a Care Advocate and her goal is for every patient to have one.  She believes it is an essential component to receiving the best health care possible while you are hospitalized.  With her diverse clinical background, compassion, and empathy, Liisa is a perfect Care Advocate!

In her spare time, Ms. Pulsifer enjoys travelling, watching sports, staying healthy by running and making healthy eating choices.